Media Phone Plus (MPP) was established in 2003 as one of the subsidiaries of Mohammed Abdul Mohsin Al Kharafi & Sons Group of Companies. Our main objective was to facilitate value added services (VAS) operations in telecom sector with prime attention to MENA region. We supply an integrated and proven portfolio of services and platforms to telecom operators. Our solutions and services include mobile content, infotainment, voice and messaging, mobile data, managed VAS services, mobile wallets, direct operator billing, customer loyalty and life cycle management.

In parallel to VAS services, MPP is the market leader and the strategic aggregator to several telecom operators in the region for the provision of Bulk SMS services. We provide access for local, regional and international brands; corporates; institutions; organizations; SMEs; wholesalers and retailers to use Bulk SMS and Automated SMS Notifications for their products and services.

Since 2010, responding to the industry demands and latest technology trends, MPP became the leading information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Driven by responsible operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks. Our ICT solutions, products and services serve both public and private sectors, spanning across telecom, media, health, security, commerce, finance, automobiles and FMCG industries.

Today, the local and regional telecom operators as well as enterprise segments have maintained an unwavering attention on our core business. By adopting a practical approach to everything we do, we have amassed long-term focus on strategic investments and join forces with industry partners to achieve collaborative and technological breakthroughs. In addition to planning and development, our ICT products and services differentiate our clients empowering them to build competitive advantage in their marketplace which ultimately guarantees them business success. Drawing on this know-how, MPP has developed and deployed a range of solutions that enable telecom operators and enterprises of all sizes to drive revenue growth and build loyalty.



In response to the new revolutions in the ICT industry; particularly Smart Phones, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data; Media Phone Plus envisions to continue innovating based on leading technologies and industry trends. Our aim is to become a strategic partner that assists telecom operators in their future transformations and to be the world leader in ICT products, services and solutions that enable and transform the way consumers and businesses gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.

Through our own Intellectual Property and in conjunction with our global partnerships, we focus on building a Smart Connected World and continuously create value for our stakeholders and society.



Our mission is to work on cutting-edge technologies and apply them to our clients’ businesses with our robust, scalable and most advanced ICT solutions. We strive to make our clients’ life simpler, pleasant and productive; by providing them with tools to rapidly adjust to market trends, generate revenues and increase customer loyalty.

Our turnkey solutions include an individually-tailored approach featuring agile methodologies, superior customer services and great business analytics. These are complimented by extensive quality assurance, application hosting, operational support and maintenance. This ensures our clients’ the shortest time-to-market and builds product competitiveness in their respective marketplaces.

Openness & Collaboration are the important cornerstones of our success and, therefore, we share benefits with our upstream and downstream partners to deliver collaborative achievements. Creativity and innovation continue to drive us forward with a determination to create a Smart Connected World for our stakeholders and society as a whole.

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At Media Phone Plus, we are people with gentle manners. We adhere high professional standards in our work and human kindness in our dealings. Our culture possess high employee involvement, strong internal communications and acceptance of healthy level of risk-taking in order to achieve innovation. We are recognized and rewarded for our contribution to company’s success. This healthy and vibrant culture makes us feel proud for being part of a company that is an industry leader and adds high value to society.

An open culture at Media Phone Plus provides equal opportunities to everyone regardless of gender, race, color or religion; and offer robust benefits including health insurance, quarterly performance rewards, flexible vacations, attractive office space, stocked kitchens, monthly celebrations and relaxation spaces. This helps us to bond well together, feel stimulated and secure; and enables us to work constructively towards One Vision, One Team & One Goal.

Apart from our professional commitments, we take part in social activities and donate our time and talents to our communities. Whether individually or as a team, we seek to support those who volunteer to build a Smart Connected World for our society.

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